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What enables me to do it?

I am not an expert in your field: you are.
My role is to listen and help others listen, distilling what we all hear and then helping the group find – or refine - its confident voice.

My experience comes from a diverse career including...

  • co-founding True Royalty TV and successfully pitching to raise $18m investment.

  • leading the reinvigoration strategy for Fortnum & Mason as it entered its 4th century.

  • CEO of a disruptor ad agency that we built to 200 people through developing a unique proposition and maintaining a formidable pitch win-rate, before selling to Omnicom.

  • becoming the youngest Director at the first ad agency I joined.

  • starting out as a graduate trainee at Rank Hovis McDougall, selling into the Cash & Carry sector in NW England.

  • serving as President of the Debating Union at University.

Alongside my coaching practice I am currently:

  • NED of the fast-growing Oxford Food Tech, owner of retail brands Modern Baker and Superloaf.

  • NED of True Royalty TV, the global streaming channel for Royal fans.

  • Associate on the Faculty of The Moller Institute for Leadership Development at Cambridge University.

  • Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.

Along the way...

I’ve worked with leaders in a large number of organisations, from start-ups to global players across many different sectors. There are testimonials from some of them on the 'What People Say' tab to give an idea of the diverse experience I bring.

I’m married to a Psychodynamic Counsellor and am fascinated by the underpinning philosophy of helping people to take responsibility for their own destinies. The concept that you can’t change the past but you can change your future applies as much to organisations as it does to individuals.


I come across as quite conventional - which helps people feel comfortable in engagements - but that’s emphatically not how my mind works. I believe that constant reinvigoration is an essential ingredient of long-term success, however much history and heritage you may have. 

As Charles Darwin observed,
‘It is not the strongest of the species that survive but the ones most willing to adapt.’

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