Mason Campbell was started in 2008 by Edward Mason and Leo Campbell, two of the four partners in a successful communications agency that they had sold to Omnicom. 


The growth of the company was sustained by the rigorous, enthusiastic and innovative approach they developed for winning business that formed the basis of Mason Campbell.


Since then the company has continued to evolve and now has a network of experienced specialists from which we tailor the ideal team for each client.

who we are

We help companies win more pitches.

Winning competitive bids and pitches fuels high-performing companies.


Losing them costs time, money and morale.

We work alongside your pitch team, building clarity and  confidence - then concentrate on delivering it in a way that directly answers your prospective clients' actual needs.

Our approach is innovative, intuitive and surprisingly emotional. 


We have an unusual balance of commercial insight and emotional intelligence. This means that we are able to help people with the soft skills needed to pitch effectively without being seen as ‘fluffy’. 


What we do.

Pitch Coaching

Pitch coaching is the start and the core of many of our client relationships.

Personal Communication Coaching

We also work individually with key management and emerging talent to help develop the communication skills that are critical to your success and that of your teams.


In many cases it opens up the need for more clarity among the board or a division of a company. We have a strong ‘alignment’ programme to help you find the pure signal that can then be amplified with the confidence that it will not then distort.

Pitch Debriefing

Our debriefs with clients are a crucial part of understanding what clients really want and need in putting business out to tender.



We work with leading multinationals bidding for long-term contracts, through to growing SMEs pitching for funding.


We work with Chairs and CEOs, Directors and Partners, and right through to emerging talent.


We’ve worked across numerous sectors and disciplines.


We’ve run successful businesses ourselves.

Discretion is an essential ingredient in our world. If you’d like to talk to some of our clients before engaging us, please just ask us for references.

reasons not to work with us...

‘Some people are just naturally good at pitching - so we don’t need coaching.’

Very few people are ‘naturals’. Most who do it well work very hard at making sure they understand their audience and what really matters to them. The best, like top sports people, work with coaches to keep them at the top of their game.


‘Pitch coaching is just ‘presentation skills’.’

Presentation skills are only useful if you have something worth saying, otherwise they just create a mask. We coach the full package of communication skills, in which presentation skills are icing on the cake.


‘My business is not creative - it’s really just a matter of fees.’

Most clients – even in Procurement-led bids – want to find the team that can best help them deliver their objectives, often over a long period of time. This means that they have to make a value judgment, meaning counter-intuitively that winning these pitches often needs the most coaching.


‘It’s just a lottery; you win some, you lose some.’

It is if you let it be: but someone has to win and the better you are, the less likely you are to come ‘a close second’. 


Pitching is getting more and more competitive, and absorbs more and more time and effort. As one famous sportsman said, ‘My coach only makes a few percent difference. The thing is, it’s the last few percent.’

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